Tim Felgate — Regulatory Intelligence Consultant

Tim Felgate, FTOPRA - regulatory intelligence consultantTim Felgate is a European regulatory intelligence consultant who has over 25 years international experience within multinational ethical pharmaceutical companies, contract research organisations and consultancy spanning a wide range of countries and projects.

Before setting up Applied Regulatory Consulting in 2004, Tim was Director of International Regulatory Affairs for PRA International, where he more than doubled the size of the business and the team, successfully retaining all staff. Prior to that Tim held key regulatory affairs roles for Chugai, BIOS (Consultancy and Contract Research) Ltd, Medeva, Wyeth Research and Rhône-Poulenc (originally May & Baker).

Tim’s education in physiology and pharmacology gained at both the University of St Andrews and University College London, together with his extensive regulatory affairs experience have equipped him to effectively manage a broad range of drug development and regulatory affairs projects.

Tim is an experienced team leader with proven team-building skills. He has managed the growth of several regulatory groups, always keeping all staff.

Tim is also the founder of the regulatory intelligence website reg-info.com, which began as a resource for personal use and is now used by the pharmaceutical community worldwide.

For more details of Tim’s experience, you can view his LinkedIn profile.

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